Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Picture above shows the two watches side by side ,The Deepsea is the one on the right , they are very similar in size the deepsea can give the impression of being bigger in diameter due to the black bezel to the Seawolf having a brushed bezel .

There is no denying that Rolex has a certain mystique and intangability that goes with their name and watches and until you own one it is hard to understand what it is. I thought it would be a good idea to try to compare the DeepSea-Dweller with my usual daily wear watch; the Breitling Seawolf to see if it would bring out what makes the Deepsea arguably, the best dive watch there is.water resistance are similar Deepsea at 3900m 12800ft to Seawolf at 3000m 10000ft

                                   Above pictures Breiting SeaWolf left ,Rolex Deepsea right

The Case
The Deepsea is 44mm in diameter and 17mm thick to the Seawolf 45.4mm in diameter and 18.5mm thick.

                                               Above picture Breiting SeaWolf left ,Rolex Deepsea right

Rolex Deepsea on the left in above picture
Both cases are equipped with helium escape valves which are integrated in the case, And deploy if critical pressure threshold are exceeded


Lug to lug the deepsea is a very uncommon 21mm why Rolex used this size is anyone's guess ,to the more command size of 22mm like the Seawolf ,The 22mm lug size of the Seawolf is more versatile giving it allot more choices in straps if you like to experiment . The Deepsea is limited as not to many 21mm straps are made by aftermarket manufactures.

Above picture Breiting SeaWolf left ,Rolex Deepsea right

Both made of solid chunks of heavy steel,You know your wearing a watch. Hopefully in the near future Breitling will come up with a in-house movement for the Seawolf this would make it much more appealing and have the Deepsea sweating a little more!
I’m fortunate enough to own both and smile every time i look at them.